Are You a Better American or Christian – Gary Fuhrer

We have such a turmoil in America today that there are many in the church that stand for both Christ and are extremely patriotic. Although it is very important to be patriotic in such a wonderful country as America is, we must remember, that as Christians, our primary citizenship is in heaven. Are you a better American, or Christian.

Being a good Christian may make you a better American, but it doesn’t always work the other way around.

Free yet without Christ – Gary Fuhrer

There is little reason to clean up your act and live right, if you don’t surrender your life to Jesus. You may have some temporal benefits, but without Jesus you will still have eternal punishment.

The slide of compromise – Gary Fuhrer

Baalam is a fine example…of what not to do. Asking God for permission over and over again until He grants permission is no better than a spoiled child begging his parents until they finally relent. They may have permission, but the results will still be negative.