There is no retirement in the Kingdom of God – Gary Fuhrer

One of the things that we long for is retirement. The thought of no longer waking up early and punching a time clock is something we long for. However, Gods work is not grievous and even though it is sometimes tedious, it is joyous. There just isn’t any retirement in the Kingdom of God. We will work until He calls us home.

Personal Responsibility – Gary Fuhrer

I have seen so many people ignore their personal responsibility. This not only hurts society, but it hurts the individual and those close to them. God is extremely interested in personal responsibility. Listen in while I discuss the need for personal responsibility in family, society, and the church.

Maintain your Sacrifice – Gary Fuhrer

Your sacrifice is that thing which you have committed to God. The greatest sacrifice that you can make is that which God has directed you to, but even if you have personally decided on something that God hasn’t directed you to, we must make our yeas yea and our nays nay. This means that we must keep what we have promised, or we must maintain our sacrifice.

Joel – Gary Fuhrer

There is a national falling away from God, but all hope is not lost. In a time of great apostacy God still reached out to Israel and instructed them how to overcome this apostacy and return to His graces. The book of Joel outlines this instruction.