Fighting the battles of life – Gary Fuhrer

The Bible tells us that he who Endures unto the end shall be saved. You do not have to endure an easy road, but a difficult one. However, if God requires it, then it must be possible, cause only an unjust God would require us to do something that we cannot.

How deep you want to go is up to you – Gary Fuhrer

Have you noticed that there is differing degrees of Christians. You meet some Christians that are bold and vocal, while others seem like they are undercover Christians.

How deep do you want your relationship with God to be? Remember, what you get out of your relationship with God will be directly impacted by what you put into it.

Standing up for Jesus – Gary Fuhrer

We hear a lot about people being offended. I’ve gotten to the point where I too am very offended.

I’m offended at the way God is presented in mass society. Today we discussed this and encourage everyone to stand up for Christ.