If you don’t go with me Lord, then I don’t want to go – Gary Fuhrer

God is so holy that He cannot fellowship with wickedness. Therefore when Israel sinned, God informed them that He couldn’t go with them. This frightened Moses and Israel into humility and Moses made one of the most famous statements of the wilderness travel. He told God that if He didn’t go with them that Moses was done. Moses didn’t want to go without God, and neither do I.

Gods help comes from unexpected places – Gary Fuhrer

Sometimes we look at the way others are helped and we hope to gain help the same way. We often forget the creativity of God. God comes up with some of the most unique ways of helping His people.

Virtue Signaling – Gary Fuhrer

We are hearing a lot these days about virtue signaling. It’s people doing things that others find virtuous.

Christians used to do this often, I think it is time to return to Christian virtue signaling and show people what a true Christian looks like.