Joel – Gary Fuhrer

There is a national falling away from God, but all hope is not lost. In a time of great apostacy God still reached out to Israel and instructed them how to overcome this apostacy and return to His graces. The book of Joel outlines this instruction.

Hosea – Gary Fuhrer

Hosea uses his own story as an illustration of what has happened to Israel. God uses Hoseas story as an illustration of what happens to His people. Listen in as I walk through the first two chapters of Hosea and we see Gods heart for any that have gone astray.

Hope and Faith Through the Trials of Life – Gary Fuhrer

Everyone struggles with trials in life, but there are many that never find hope or faith in those trials. I encourage you to look to God in the middle of those trials.

Hell – Gary Fuhrer

There has been a lot said about hell. For instance, it has been said that the Bible speaks more on hell than on heaven. It has also been said that hell is just an uncomfortable place without God, and not a place of torment and suffering.

Many people do not believe that a loving God would send people to hell. I view it in many different ways. First of all I don’t think a loving God would illustrate a place of torment as motivation for His people to serve Him, and then change His mind and just make it a little uncomfortable.

Also, how I see it is more like how my dad explained my teachers when I got upset at them for failing me. Dad told me the teachers didn’t fail me, I failed. This is true of hell; God didn’t send you to hell, you chose it. Today is your day to make your choice; heaven or hell. Where will you spend eternity.

Hebrews chapter 9 Pt 2 – Gary Fuhrer

The book of Hebrews is one of my favorite books, and chapter 9 stands out above all of them for me. There is no true understanding of Jesus and the work He did for us without an understanding or the Old Testament sacrificial law. Hebrews 9 bridges the Old and New Testaments together in a very real way.