Hebrews chapter 9 pt 1 – Gary Fuhrer

The book of Hebrews is one of my favorite books, and chapter 9 stands out above all of them for me. There is no true understanding of Jesus and the work He did for us without an understanding or the Old Testament sacrificial law. Hebrews 9 bridges the Old and New Testaments together in a very real way.

Cry Aloud, Spare not – Gary Fuhrer

There is a disease in the land, and it’s called sin. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and without someone to tell us about Him we will continue in this sin. It’s time for the church to cry aloud and spare not. Someone’s eternal life depends on you sharing the gospel.

Check your gods at the Door – Gary Fuhrer

We all have our pet beliefs that seem to stick with us. At times these are insignificant cultural misunderstandings or different viewpoints on the same scripture.

There is a danger when these insignificant differences become divisive or when our misunderstandings are gross doctrinal mistruths. We need to be careful to admit when we are wrong and follow after scripture more than our own pride. Checking our gods at the door will help us discover misunderstandings when they are revealed to us.

Cheapening Salvation – Gary Fuhrer

It has been said that what you win a person with is what you win a person to. In an effort to reach more people with the gospel we have made the gift of God through Jesus Christ we have cheapened what is referred to as salvation.

The great gift of salvation came at a high price, and just because it is freely given does not make it cheap. Listen for more on this subject.