Whom seek Ye – Gary Fuhrer

We are looking for a lot of things. The night before Jesus was crucified He was approached by soldiers. while standing in front of them He asked who they were looking for. In this message I used that to ask others, “Whom Seek Ye?”

Who is my neighbor – Cliff Forester

We are constantly trying to justify ourselves. This isn’t anything new, as a matter of fact Jesus ran into this when the young lawyer asked him, “who is my neighbor?” Listen in as brother Cliff unfolds this question and we see exactly what Jesus was saying here.

Watch and Pray – Gary Fuhrer

I have always wondered if Peter would have had the privilege of being crucified with Jesus if he would have watched and prayed in the garden. Think about the honor of being recorded in the scripture as the only person that was crucified along side of Jesus. However, Peter did not watch and pray, he succumbed to denouncing Christ, and he needed to repent.

How much more can we do for Jesus if we would just watch and pray?

There is no retirement in the Kingdom of God – Gary Fuhrer

One of the things that we long for is retirement. The thought of no longer waking up early and punching a time clock is something we long for. However, Gods work is not grievous and even though it is sometimes tedious, it is joyous. There just isn’t any retirement in the Kingdom of God. We will work until He calls us home.