Great is the Lord – Cliff Forester

It is so awesome to consider how great our Lord is and that He still wants to spend time with us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, and yet our maker has chosen to have a personal relationship with us. Listen is as brother Cliff tells us how Great is the Lord.

Whom seek Ye – Gary Fuhrer

We are looking for a lot of things. The night before Jesus was crucified He was approached by soldiers. while standing in front of them He asked who they were looking for. In this message I used that to ask others, “Whom Seek Ye?”

Who is my neighbor – Cliff Forester

We are constantly trying to justify ourselves. This isn’t anything new, as a matter of fact Jesus ran into this when the young lawyer asked him, “who is my neighbor?” Listen in as brother Cliff unfolds this question and we see exactly what Jesus was saying here.