The Poor part 4 – overcoming poverty

Overcoming poverty isn’t easy. There’s a mindset, physical issues, and a brick wall to overcome. However, the scripture says a lot about economic issues, and if we follow Gods plan for our money, we’ll find that He is faithful to help us overcome poverty.

Gospel of John part 15

Many people will advise a person new to the church to study through the gospel of John first. It has been said that the gospel of John is written from the most emotionally attached disciple. John was known as ‘the beloved.’

However, even if this is a good book to start with, it also holds many deeper truths. Brother Daniel Clark is doing a great job in teaching through the gospel of John. He is expressing the surface level beauty of the simple gospel, while diving deep into the truths that are hidden in this gospel.

Be sure to listen to the entire series to get all that you can out of this study.

The Poor part 3 / The church’s responsibility – Gary Fuhrer

In our series on the poor we have already discussed the fact that they are with us, that their social and legal standing among us should be based upon their merit and not their wealth level, and our personal responsibility towards them.

This week we review Pauls admonishment to Timothy about taking care of the widows and review the concepts in it. I have found that these same concepts can and should apply to all of our dealings with the poor.

Listen in for great instruction on how the church should deal with the poor.

Acts part 14 – Cliff Forester

In a world where there is so much disagreement in the church world, an example of how the church should function is essential. The book of Acts gives us such an example. In it we have an example of the power of the church, the history of the church, and how the church interacted with each other.

Brother Cliff Forester is bringing all of this to light for us as he works his way through the book of Acts.

Be sure to listen to the complete series to get all he has to say.