The Poor part 2 / Our personal responsibility towards them – Gary Fuhrer

There are a lot of opinions on the poor and how they should be taken care of, but opinions are simply a point of contention. We shouldn’t derive our policy from our opinions.

A careful inspection will find that policy derived from scripture, accurately interpreted, will always work out true.

Listen as we discuss our personal responsibility to the poor.

Reasons for Trials – Gary Fuhrer

Job 5:7 Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.

It doesn’t matter how old one is…we have all been through trials in life. Whether its as simple at a dirty diaper to a baby or the loss of a loved one we have all been tried, by those things that try us.

It may help to know that there are reasons for those trials. Today we discussed some of those reasons in hopes of helping those suffering trials in their own lives.


The poor part 1 – Gary Fuhrer

In our political climate we are hearing a lot about what should be done with the poor. We are walking into a socialistic society. Is this good or bad? What does the Bible say about the poor?

Listen into the conversation about the poor as we unfold what the scripture says about the poor.

What is your behavior producing in your life? – Gary Fuhrer

In a day when we hear so much about grace, there is very little said about behavior. Where does behavior fit in to a Christians walk. We could have a discussion about what a Christian should or shouldn’t do, but today I look into what behavior produces in the life off a Christian.

Listen in to the discussion today.

What offends you? – Gary Fuhrer

In a world that is concerned with Tolerance and offense we sometimes forget that even God gets offended. What offends most people is those things which speak against their nature. The nature of a Christian should be the same as the nature of God. Therefore, the Christian should be offended at the same thing that God is offended at.

David was offended at Goliath and slew him, However, we don’t slay those that offend us or God. Instead we pray for them and if given the chance we try and convince them the importance of Gods viewpoint.

Listen in to the entire discussion as we review this topic.